About the Association

The Bulgarian Solar Association (BSA) is a non-profit organisation combining the interests of companies and individuals working in the field of renewable energy.

about us


BSA was established in 2011 in the town of Gabrovo in response to the complex situation of the photovoltaic sector in the country. The members of the association are small and medium-sized enterprises; suppliers of equipment; companies developing power plants; consulting companies working in the renewable energy sector; current and prospective investors, companies and individuals supporting the "green" idea, who want to struggle for it.

BSA has the largest number of founders as compared to all other associations in this sector and its number of members is rapidly increasing. Almost all Bulgarian companies that are willing to establish a solar sector in Bulgaria are members of the association.

The association accomplishes its mission and objectives by coordinating and combining the efforts of its members for achieving favourable legal requirements for development of the investment environment; it organises meetings, discussions, seminars, conference and courses with national and international participation for the purpose of exchanging experience, ideas, knowledge and other information in the field of development and management of renewable energy investment project, particularly small and medium-sized photovoltaic power plants.

BSA maintains constant contact with state and municipal bodies, public organisations and unions, economic entities in the country and abroad; it interacts with similar organisations in Bulgaria and other countries; it exercises educational, expert and information activity.