The solar sector has been facing serious challenges during the past few years, however, we believe that now it is facing a huge opportunity.

Our mission is to put all our efforts to establish solar energy as a leading renewable energy source in Bulgaria. We promote the development and application of photovoltaic energy through exchange of information, elimination of market and administrative barriers, supporting the industry and education of the public on the benefits of solar energy. In this process, BSA will play an active role as an information gate for industry professionals, policy makers, media and the wide public, by inspiring thousands of people to support and accept the development of solar technologies.

BSA supports its members in developing a solar business in Bulgaria and provides cooperation in the resolution of problems both in individual companies and globally. The association is dedicated to encourage users of solar and other renewable energy sources.  The result is less import of energy, less use of fossil fuels, more "green" jobs, lower levels of harmful emissions and a new economy focusing on Bulgaria's well-being and the global environment.

 BSA will work hard to make photovoltaic energy one of the main and important energy sources and will play an active role in supporting the solar industry, bringing the solar revolution we all want!