PV Financing


                          Instruments to boost the PV sector in Europe

Would you be interested in a template legal contract on how to set up a collective self-consumption system in France? Or a Power Purchase Agreement in the UK? Or a guide on how to set up a shared generation facility business model in Austria? Or the specifications on how a multi-family/use building is supplied with PV energy in Germany? Or a guide on how to finance PV projects in Turkey and Italy? Or would you like to know what the policy needs to do to increase the share of solar in Spain? 

The PV Financing research project, funded by the European Commission, has published all these results (in English and some in the national languages) in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK. As the level of support is being decreased in many countries, PV Financing aims to ease the implementation of PV projects based on new PV business models such as self-consumption and Power Purchase Agreements. The project seeks to help stakeholders from six specific application segments: single family homes, multi-occupancy dwellings, shopping centres, office buildings, educational buildings and industrial parks.

The development of these business models will be possible in a stable financial environment for investors and banks. The project seeks to understand the expectations of these key players and reduce the risks of innovative photovoltaic projects. The project partners identified the most appropriate financing schemes on the basis of many interviews held, for each country and each key business model.

The projects results are based on seven countries: Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom and Turkey. Some of the results, such as the European Implementation Guideline and the European Advisory Paper are designed to apply across the EU, where key lessons can be taken for the deployment of photovoltaic in European countries. The main results of the projects can be downloaded at: http://www.pv-financing.eu/